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Time Machine 010: Escape room for kids in Rotterdam

Escape Talk 9.2/10

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Can you activate the Time Machine?

Tijdmachine 010 is een escape room die speciaal is ontwikkeld voor kinderen van 10 t/m 15 jaar. De escape room is te spelen met minimaal 8 en maximaal 15 kinderen. De kinderen lossen puzzels op, ontdekken nieuwe ruimtes en hebben in totaal een uur om de tijdmachine te activeren.

There is always a game master present in the room to help the children when they are stuck. This room is not only suitable for children, it is also great fun to play with your family!

Een bericht van Professor Klokman

Escape Team,

Ik have build a time machine, but something has gone horribly wrong. The machine has broke down and I am stuck in the past. The only way to fix it, is by activating the elements within one hour. Nobody has been able to do this yet. Will you help me?


Professor Jacobs


Customer Reviews


“We were with 18 people and I thought it was going to be chaos. But it was great fun!”

Jildou op Escape Talk

“Really well made. It is a great experience to be with 15 in one game. Sometimes you do things together and sometimes with a group of 4. Highly recommended!”

Arnoud op Escape Rooms Nederland

“Great challenging escape room that is great to play with a large group! The puzzles you have to solve are detailed which makes it challenging and exciting!”

Steve op Google Reviews

“It was a unique experience to play with such a large number of people (20+-). The structure had different people dealing with different puzzles. Super experience!”

Viresh op Escape Rooms Nederland

“Fantastic experience. We played this room with our family and it was a great family activity. The puzzles are perfect for children and adults. Very friendly staff.”

Laura op