Escape Team

The company outing in Tilburg

An escape room, the most fun company outing.

The Black Box escape room is a corporate event suitable for all types of teams. It is suitable for groups of 7 to 24 people and working together is really necessary to activate the machine. We look at the size of the group and the speed at which you solve the puzzles and we adjust the challenges and puzzles accordingly. This means that the room is suitable for everyone.    

The challenges in this escape room change depending on the size and skills of your group, so you can be sure that your entire team will have a good time!

More than 500 companies played our escape room and rated us an average of 9!


Our Black Box 010 escape room is made especially for groups. Here you play with 7-24 people at the same time.

Customer Reviews


“We were with 18 people and I thought it was going to be chaos. But it was great fun!”

Jildou op Escape Talk

“Really well made. It is a great experience to be with 15 in one game. Sometimes you do things together and sometimes with a group of 4. Highly recommended!”

Arnoud op Escape Rooms Nederland

“Great challenging escape room that is great to play with a large group! The puzzles you have to solve are detailed which makes it challenging and exciting!”

Steve op Google Reviews

“It was a unique experience to play with such a large number of people (20+-). The structure had different people dealing with different puzzles. Super experience!”

Viresh op Escape Rooms Nederland

“Fantastic experience. We played this room with our family and it was a great family activity. The puzzles are perfect for children and adults. Very friendly staff.”

Laura op