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Escape Room family party in Rotterdam

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Escape rooms for all ages

Would you like to play an escape room with your family? That is very well possible. An escape room for families is an ideal activity for a celebration or just a day out with your family.

Our Key 010 escape room is suitable for children from 8 and up. Younger children are welcome, but you will have to help them to solve some of the puzzles. Black Box 010 is our escape room for adults, but can also be played by children from 13 and up. The challenges in both rooms will adjust based on your group size and how fast you solve the puzzles, so if you have a family of escape fanatics, or a family of people that have never played before, you always have the right difficulty level.


We think it is 🙂 The great thing about playing an escape room with your family is that you have to work together. You really are a team. As a family you find out together how you can solve the puzzles in the room. Perhaps this way you see undiscovered talents of your brother, cousin or mother. At least after playing our escape rooms you have enough to talk about at the dinner table. Or have a drink in our cozy lounge and discuss all the original puzzles that you have solved.

You can play the Black Box 010 escape room with 7 to 24 people. This is a good option if the group is made up of mainly adults or children aged 11 or older. If your family has mostly younger children, we recommend the Key 010 escape room. This one you can play with 7 to 15 people. Children from the age of 8 can solve puzzles on their own. Younger children are welcome, but you will have to help them by solving the puzzles.

Definitely! For younger children you can play the

The costs depend on the number of people you want to play with and the escape room you want to play. The costs are between € 17.50 per person (Tijdmachine 010) and € 27.50 per person (Black Box 010, 75 minutes)

Yes, you can. We also have drink arrangements with snacks and drinks. If you select the escape room, the number of people and the date, you can see which options are available.

It is possible to park for free in the parking lot next to our building.

You can book by clicking on the Book Now button on top of the page. Select the escape room, the number of players and the date you want to play. You can then add a package if you like and choose a time slot.

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