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Escape Room Birthday Party in Amsterdam

Escape Room Birthday Party in Rotterdam

An escape room is great idea for a birthday party. The children have fun solving the puzzles together and the parents can either watch the children escape or relax in our lounge. We recommend the Time Machine escape room for children with the ages of 9 to 12 and the Black Box escape room for older children.

To make it as easy as possible for parents, we offer a package for escape room birthday parties. The kids can play an escape room and then relax in a separate room to talk and unwrap presents. The birthday package includes unlimited lemonade, candy and a small gift for every child. This package lasts approximately 2 hours and the costs per child are € 22,95. This includes the costs for the escape room. You can book the package by choosing a date and an escape room on our booking page. After you click on the green button, you can add the birthday package to your reservation.

Over 3500 kids have played the Time Machine escape room with an average rating of 9/10!

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